UZA SNH48 ver.

Ok.. So I have seen the MV and what come into my brain is

  • Kpop, they have the same mood.
  • Online game, Warrior!!!
  • Disney? Maybe because the princess and castle themes.
  • Weird, it’s always weird to hear same song, different language. 
  • Cute voice, for me Uza is identic with Yuko, Jurina and Takamina voice.
  • AMAZING MV, I like the original MV with the steampunk mood, but this Chinese online game version is more amazing!! hahaha

By the way here the MV if you haven’t seen it.

minhkav asked:

Hi ikantenggelem, i have seen u have a lot of akb48 itunes albums. Do u want share it with me, i have ske48, jkt48, nogi46...

Ah sorry for the late reply. Yes I have some AKB song. Hem.. I already have all SKE and nogi46 I like for now (I don’t bought all, just the song I like, and I like mostly AKB). I just bought 4000yen Japan iTunes card for bought SKE and Nogi song :D 

Ok… So I don’t know since when this happen, but finally some AKB 48’s song (not all) appear at Indonesia iTunes store. Before this I just can find Sugar Rush. Even not as complete as Japan iTunes, but this still a good news (*☌ᴗ☌)。

Usually I will use my Japan ID and bought the song at Japan iTunes, which each song cost 250 yen (around $2,4). Now in Indonesia iTunes, it cost only 5000IDR (around $0.42) :3

But I still can’t find any SKE and Nogizaka song ಠ_ಠ